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The Sinking of the Corinthian

September 22, 1949

The Corinthian, a fishing boat out of Gloucester, was cut in two by the bow of the 7600-ton freighter Mormacfir. The 112 foot Corinthian sank in one just minute. Of the 11 crew members, only 5 survived.

Those lost at sea were: 

George E. Gordon, 55 years
Edgar W. "Ted" Decker, 38 years
Heinrich G. "Harry" Schluter, 59 years
Percy Noble, 46 years
George A. Hemeon, 68 years
Oke Peterson, 65 years

This is the story of one who survived. 

Lost At Sea - Ezra Hill (1908-1963)

January, 1963

The Gloucester Dragger Austin W. was last heard from on at 8 p.m. Sunday, January 31st. The 67 foot vessel was fishing out of New York during a bitter winter storm, battered by 90 mile per hour winds. Six Coast Guard planes covered 25,000 square miles in an unsuccessful search for the dragger. It crew of 5 men of Gloucester were never heard from again. 


Those lost at Sea were:

Albino M. Pereira, Jr., captain, 40
Joseph Muise, 36
Henry B. Pina, 39
Eugene M. Naves, 38
Ezra "Huck" Hill, 55

They left behind 5 wives and 21 children.

To share your own story of loved one lost at sea out of Gloucester, contact us at:

Mark S. Fuller, North Shore North

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