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-   Souls of the Sea   -

For nearly four centuries the history of Gloucester, Massachusetts has been the story of America's greatest fishing port. With this collection of songs, we commemorate the lives and the legacy of the 10,000 Gloucester fishermen who died at sea while fishing. The Souls of the Sea captures the heart and soul of America's most dangerous occupation: commercial fishing.


The story of fishing is a true microcosm of American ideals, struggles, and values. Focusing on the fishermen and families of America's oldest fishing port, the songs capture the universal concepts of hope, perseverance, hard work, and devotion to family. One of the songs, "Where'd They Go" is the official song of The City of Gloucester (MA).

A special bond of love exists between fishermen at sea and their loved ones back on shore. Sometimes this love reaches beyond temporal understanding to the regions of the heart and soul where the connection is no longer physical. Most of these songs were inspired by the people of our nation's oldest working commercial fishing port, Gloucester, Massachusetts, from where over ten thousand fishermen have been lost at sea. This CD is dedicated to the lost fishermen and those who loved them.

The diverse and beautiful world music adapted for this project is inspiring and reflects America's melting pot of cultures brought together. With profound original lyrics and dynamic musical arrangements the songs are performed by some of the nation's most gifted musicians and singers. Souls of the Sea will make you laugh, cry, and ponder the courageous, tragic, and triumphant personal stories from America's oldest seaport, Gloucester, Massachusetts from where over 10,000 fishermen have been lost at sea.


Xavier Millenium

Xavier Millennium Productions is an independent production company dedicated to telling the 400-year story of America's oldest seaport–Gloucester, Massachusetts.

The Souls of the Sea.

"Our mission is to honor the memory of the 10,000 Gloucester fisherman who've perished at sea since the founding of the city in 1623 - through music, television, books, live performance and other media. Dozens of gifted artists have contributed and are continuing to share their talent in telling the story of these brave men and women. In accordance, a percentage of revenues are donated to local charities which benefit the fishermen and their families."

Pictured above are composer/singer, Allen Estes (left), and lyricist and the driving force behind Xavier, Frank Tedesco (right).

Mark S. Fuller, North Shore North

“… a marvelous collection of artists ...excellent title track ... captures the truth of the harrowing occupation of harvesting from the sea”
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